Hello everyone! Happy New Year! 

I hope ya'll had an amazing amazing christmas. I spent mine working, I ususally visit Nigeria around christmas time but as levels don change, I can't afford to be plane hopping every year without planning way in advance.

So these past few months as a fresh graduate has been tough and I will tell you why. Here are a few things that nobody ever told me will happen ....

1. A degree does not mean a job offer. Growing up i was always taught, believed and saw that, a degree = job offer. Whether na naija or na for obodoyigbo (abroad). That is hardly the case. This was a harsh reality for me. I realized this "You have a degree, so what?!" and I immediately had snap out of that "I just got my BscN and now am an RN" euphoria and get down to digging and searching for jobs, studing for interviews and praying for God to give me confidence. Trust confidence does lots as a new graduate.

2. You will surely face workplace discrimnation and bullying. Oh yh this one nursing school did not exactly prepare me for. I mean I took interprofessional courses, attended simulation classes and even wrote an evidenced based research paper on this but none of these things prepared me. Nawa (it's funny now), but damn it was not funny  when I constantly crying at home and dreading going to work. Am in a much better space now, I speak up for my self and in areas I lack (e.g not having 30 years of experience *side eye*), I make up for by studying and meeting as much expectations as  possible.

3. I was never told that I will miss school this much ( well my mum told me but i chose to ignore her). Honestly I miss being in class and secretly competing with my friends and meeting goals, deadlines. All that jazz. I miss it ALOT.

4. Nobody told me that I could be in a position to lead someone old enough to be my grandmother. Back in school we had nursing leadership classes which I  loved but always thought to myself "ah maybe after 5years I could lead", HA! shocker on my behind. Leadership was something that I was never prepared for out of school but the challenge has caused be to pull up my big girl draws and act as required. I love my team though because everyone helps out and wears a leadership where needed. **Thank your Lord** :)

5. Finally I never knew how much I would come to appreciate my parents for the sacrifices they've made over the years toiling day in and day out to ensure that a good chunk of their income goes into my education. The reason I say this is that I struggle with budgeting now and I ain't gat no kids, no car, no relative to send to school, just me myself and I and I tell you the struggle izzzz real. I can only imagine how much my parents had to deny themselves. I can honestly say that next to the love of Christ is the Love of a mother and father. Its like no other.

Overrall, i enjoy taking care of my patients. Advocating for them, ensuring their safe, helping them find meaning in their life has been very fulfilling. I was once told that nursing is a dirty job by a colleague of mine while in Uni but this is how I see it. One day this colleague could be in a hospital facing a unexpected life event and he would need me the nurse *with the dirty job* to brighten his day, to clean him up, advocate for him, to cry with him, to laugh or to just be present.

I have learnt that....i love being a nurse :)

Trying to find me....

Hey Blogsville :)

Long time no post. Long time no see. Long time no chat. I know its been a 5 month hiatus but by God's grace. I am back and kicking. See just like I get mood swings in real life, I  believe I got a blog mood swing. Yup I said it. I felt like there was nothing for me to offer on here. I felt like I was doing the same ole clitche that everyone has been doing. You, the 'makeup' blog, plus I get really social media shy. Let me explain, sometimes I like to disappear from the virtual world. Its like I get sick and tired of the online display culture and I just don't touch social media for a while. Its almost like a habit since I do this on facebook, twitter and instagram. Anyway I am still on the path to finding chicherz, so while I'm on that path I will do me and keep praying that I am able to help those who can relate with what ever I post on here.

So Updates :)...
a) God blessed me with a job, this is the only way I can describe this new stage of my life. I now work as a registered health care professional in acute care. It was not an easy road for me because of the stressing and ups and downs that came with the job search but God almighty once again showed me that my ways are definitely not His and His not mine. During my jobless period God placed encouragers of which I most grateful.

b) I cut my hair. Yup its back to gorimapa for me. I woke up one morning "flawless", took a pair of scissors and chopped it all off. I hungered so much for the bare minimum that it drove me to CUT IT OFF. Trust me, the chop came with 0 emotion and 100% freedom. As naturalisters say..."I felt so free". I am very happy with this look and its here to stay *for a while*
The new do!

c) I put on weight! :(. I was a 'fat' kid in high school but shed weight in uni. Now, in the course of my university years, I gained here and there but now with the 0% uni stress and just working eating and sleeping, I have really gone off the edge. So you may see updates of my healthy living journey. I am not a fit fam girl but more of a be happy in your own skin kinda girl and right now I will be much more satisfied with shedding the unnecessary pounds caused by unecessary calories. Take a look at my pics
2010..The first time I got that 'loose weight' instict
2012- I actually lost the weight watching my carbs, cardio and cutting off sugars
2014- Graduation :)....here the devilish pounds are slowly creeping back.

d) Now my makeup interest have drastically changed. Mami, nudes all the way men, no-makeup makeup kind of face, like thats what I be feeling.

e)I have been learning to cute back on spending and save more. Yup your chick actually draws up a budget. It's been hard tho, but now papa has eased off a bit, this chick has to learn saving strategies before everything goes down the drain

I still have more updates but I guess they will come in as the days go by. Wish you a great week ahead. Stay positive and confess positivity. Hebrews 4vs12. :)

The Okirika/Aba Beauty Blender


Happy new month. I hope the month of June came with lots of blessings because mine sure did. I graduated this month and my "ummuna" :) came down for the celebrations and it was a blast. Presently your girl is scouting for a j.o.b (which is actually a full time j.o.b), so join me in prayer biko because post uni life is not beans biko.

Enough blabbing sha, I finally bought me a beauty blender and you know being an  original ada ada, I had to buy mine from walmart. Mbok ain't nobody gat time for sephora's 30 dollar sponge your hear! Because, to be quite honest with you, I could never bring myself to buy this sponge for 30 bucks all in the name of flawless blending. Nope I couldn't.

But when, I saw the dupe or should I say the aba made beaurry blender retailing for $5 in our dearly beloveth walmart, I said to myself. Why nottttt?!?!!? I snatched me one and here she is :)

By the way a Nigerian word for dupe is 'aba made' or 'okirika' hehe
Do you like it? Yes
Do you still think it's a piece of sponge? Yes x3
Does it actually blend flawlessly? Yes but, I would not recommend this for makeup newbies. If your just starting out, I suggest you watch tutorials on how to use one first before you venture.

If your really into contouring and highlighting with concealers, a beauty blender should be your besty! Best way to use: wet it a tiny bit and blend out foundation, gets you an airbrushed look

Foundation blended with Beauty Blender 

Classy Beat Face

Did I just use the word Beat,  yes girl I did. My girl needed a classy makeup look for a netwroking event.. She wanted something that said, serious, classy and ready to worok. So I tried to give her exactly what she was wanting



Black up's perfect Matifying primer 
Clinique's pore refining solutions instant perfecting makeup in pecan
Black up's loose powder in PLI4
Cheeks: Sleek's sahara
Contour: Blackup's deluxe finishing powder in 05 Deep
Brows: Sleek's brow kit in dark
Eyes: Naked palatte 1 by Urban Decay (Half Baked, Hustle and Creep), Quo full lashes 806
lips: Island's beauty blackberry lipstick

Brushes: Coastal scents 22 piece brush set

The Quo lashes definitely knocked me out. I've really been looking down on canadian drug stores. The quality of rhe Quo 806 are to die for. Although expensive compared to cherry blossoms and ardell lashes, quo lashe quality cannot be compared.

Products am digging :)
Quo's 806 full lashes
Sleek's brow kit 

Inexpensive Brushes! Coastal Scents 22 piece Brush set review


I hope your doing good. I've been pretty good over here, trying to study for my boards and just live :). On to some good news. I found out about this company in 2011, but never paid them any mind until last year's black friday sales. My lawd! their offers are to die for. I present to you Coastal scents 22 piece brush set
 I've been eyeing this brush set for a while and it was worth the wait, Since  IIts originally $34.95 but I got it for half the price. The downside to order this product to canada is that the shipping is expensive biko. I paid like $25 for shipping, so to console myself I bought other items, which are the 36 eye shadow smokey palatte, a kabuki brush and their glitter powder in tropicana. I know the items are not so much for that amount of shipping but honestly all I wanted was that brush set.

Favourite brushes from the set 

From Left to Right we have:

1. Pointed blender brush: Its a very good tool for packing on color in the V section of your crease.

2. Flat Buffer brush: This packed synthetic brush is totally AMEEEZING! The packed hairs make it so easy to buff in foundation for that flawless look. I've been using this to buff in my foundation after using my flat foundation brush and it's been giving me streakless finishes. Team #nostreakface

3. Large Shadow brush: It's just another shadow brush I know, but it packs on color to the lid perfectly.  I would recommend this for girls with large lid space. I usually use elf shadow brushes but when I found this, I realized that I had really been snoozing.

4. Round Powder brush: This is exactly what coastal scents calls it. It's more oval than rounded in my opinion. I use it for 2 things. To stipple on foundation or to contour my cheeks. I just discovered the stippling function and if I ever loose my foundation brush, this would be my go to!

Nice case (nice for new mua's) Sleek design, soft on the skin and comes with all essential tools. Its a great steal. Only issue is the handle gets weak especially with prolonged soaking. Well thats what happened to me, so have your super glue handy just in case. In my opinion, a brush is a brush, as long as your getting your desired effect (which is a flawless face). There is no need to spend over $300. Expect you don't mind. If your interested then check them out http://www.coastalscents.com/
****Always remember to wash new brushes before use*******

A proud cheapo :)

Spring series: Because I'm happy! (orange, pink and purple delight)

So, this look is called *because I'm happy*. Don't ask my too much questions abeg, I just ran out of names lol. Lately, Iive been  inspired by the different colors of blooming flowers in these parts :). It's been so exciting, considering that winter always hits me with its blues :(. Well, enjoy heading out to church with this look.

I used my usual products for my face,  for my eyes I used sleek's sunset palatte and the bh cosmetics 88 matte palatte. I neutralized my look with a lippie combo from my coastal scents 32 lip palatte. Some people may prefer wild colors  on the lips with a look like this. But not me biko, my lips are big for staters so I'd rather direct the focus to my eyes with neutal lips.

I also did some highlighting *Cough* using mac's studio fix in NC 45, I highlighted under my eye and the set it with ben nye's topas powder. I know your wondering why topaz right? Well, I ain't feeling that white cast that the banana powder gives off especially when girls of color apply it. I've had topaz for months and honey it working gooood.

Check out https://camerareadycosmetics.com/ to place an order, shipping to canada was like a little over $7. So yezzir!.

Have a great weekend!

Spring Series: A pop of teal and Pink lips

So in the spirit of spring I've decided to take up the challenge to a post a makeup look everyday *fingers crossed* :)
Here is the look

Inspiration: The pop of teal on my dress.
The teal color is from my sleek me, myself and eye palatte. I splashed my mac fix plus spray on my brush before picking up the colors for more intensity. If you don't have the fix plus spray then get it. It's amazing. As for my lips, they've really been serviced by the 32 color lip palatte from coastal scents. It cost $13. It's a pretty sweet deal and i'm sure, it going on sale soon, since them too like sale for there. Lipsticks are good and all but having a palatte for creating your colors is more fun :P

Product i've been digging
Sleek's brow kit! After using a friend's brow gel to create a look, I've been totally sold, committed, infact engaged to brow gels mehnnnn. I  gives a more intense (good intense oh) look

One more thing, we #teamjhericurls now :)